Gray’s Rocky Top Meg

Meet Meg


Meg is a very smart well behaved girl. She comes out of some nice Candlewood lines and has a great bird drive, she is a pointing lab, but is also very well mannered and mellow. She does excellent out in the field. Excuse the photos, I snapped them with my phone as my website deleted her last photos, new photos to come!!! Her last litter was 11 pups. She is a yellow factored chocolate. We will be breeding her to Buck in September for a SUPERB litter of chocolates!!! they will have beauty and brains, as well as mega hunting drive!


Gray’s Rocky Top Meg (Meg)
Date of Birth: 08/16/2009
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Owner: MLK

Sire: Sir Master Sky Dog SR010417/04 09-04 Chocolate Sire: Candlewood’s The Dominator JH SN644133/03 06-01 Chocolate OFA24G AKC DNA #V75916 Sire: AFC Chugach Hills Jazz’s Rascal SF804194 06-94 Black OFA25G AKC DNA #V30958 Sire: FC AFC Jazztime SF019974 06-90 Black OFA26G Sire: AFC Trieven Classical Jazz SC608724 11-80 Black OFA25
Dam: Jumping Jessica II SD016385 05-86 Black
Dam: GMHR Beavercrest Stukagin Blue SD986846 05-88 Black OFA31 Sire: FC AFC Piper’s Pacer SC401308 11-79 Black OFA26
Dam: Girl Of North SC835571 01-83 Chocolate OFA42
Dam: Fox River Running Randi MH SN126643/11 08-99 Chocolate OFA31G Sire: NFC AFC Storm’s Riptide Star SM929642/01 01-94 Chocolate OFA24G OFEL65 AKC DNA #V55917 Sire: FC AFC Rippin’ Blue Thunder SE037057 08-86 Black
Dam: FC AFC Belle’s Star Emmy Lou SE805811 05-92 Black OFA24G
Dam: Lorken’s Hillview Gale Force SH SM969280/09 03-94 Chocolate OFA24G Sire: CFC-CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force SF254302 04-92 Chocolate OFA24G
Dam: Aces Up SF979561 10-92 Black OFA29E
Dam: Candlewoods Sage Brush Sal SN351328/01 07-98 Chocolate OFA24G Sire: FC AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky SF244412 03-90 Black OFA24G <Sire: FC AFC Canis Major’s River Bear SC272135 05-82 Black OFA24 Sire: NAFC FC AFC River Oak’s Rascal SA603599 07-71 Black
Dam: Shamrock Acres Juego De Azar SB348890 08-76 Black OFA27
Dam: Timberlane Samantha SD945898 05-86 Black OFA26 Sire: FC AFC Raider’s Piper Cub SB910683 08-78 Black OFA30
Dam: Timberlane Cinnamon SD130559 04-84 Chocolate OFA25
Dam: Candlewoods Ms Cadillac SN058849/01 02-96 Black OFA27G Sire: NFC NAFC Candlewoods Super Tanker SE249295 05-87 Black OFA24 Sire: NFC FC AFC San Joaquin Honcho SB366285 08-75 Black OFA24
Dam: Candlewoods Delta Dash SC665592 10-81 Black OFA25
Dam: Phillips Creme De Cocoa SE413263 03-89 Chocolate OFA29G Sire: FC AFC Snake Eyes-Double Or Nothin’ SB763992 07-77 Black OFA24
Dam: Illini’s Echoing Maiden SC827578 10-82 Black OFA43
Dam: Dani Boyz For Koko SN767721/02 09-04 Chocolate Sire: Sunnyburke Mr Madison JH SN301009/08 03-98 Chocolate OFA24G AKC DNA #V63190 Sire: Rovin Cody Brown MH SF156884 07-90 Chocolate OFA24E Sire: Candlewoods Hi Rollin Hank SH SE082469 06-85 Chocolate OFA24G Sire: FC AFC Royal Oaks Something Super SB411863 04-77 Black OFA24
Dam: Unsinkable Molly Brown XXII SD001603 02-84 Chocolate
Dam: Duckponds Cristmas Misletoe JH SE205357 05-88 Chocolate OFA32E Sire: Woodstock Brown Bear SC436993 09-80 Chocolate OFA26
Dam: Longplain Juggs Of Duckpond SC721499 02-83 Chocolate OFA29
Dam: Diamond R Krugger’s Geni SF224584 10-89 Black OFA27G Sire: FC AFC Coot’s Black Kruggerand SC945429 12-83 Black Sire: Walla Walla Supercoot SB327856 10-79 Black
Dam: Walla Walla Wheatie SB648667 10-80 Black
Dam: Diamond R Sexy Sophie JH SD909101 04-86 Chocolate OFA24 Sire: Kokomo IV SC360115 05-84 Chocolate
Dam: Wenatchee SD550124 05-84 Yellow
Dam: Cocoa Rose Of Hanna Heights SN494075/04 11-00 Chocolate OFA28E Sire: Flying Taurus Of Surrey SM789460/02 11-92 Chocolate OFA44E AKC DNA #V150968 Sire: Mon Brun Klever Klu Of Surrey SD587865 09-83 Chocolate OFA27 Sire: FC AFC Mon Tour De Force SB308669 08-74 Black
Dam: Jamesteds Black Pepper SC640061 10-80 Black OFA32
Dam: Bird Busting Brandy SF312582 11-90 Chocolate OFA25G Sire: Candlewoods Hi Rollin Hank SH SE082469 06-85 Chocolate OFA24G
Dam: Sportwoman Of Raven SE006385 11-88 Chocolate OFA25
Dam: Black Diamonds Go For Broke SN220055/08 02-97 Chocolate Sire: CH Huntcrest Honorbright Beacon SF979128 04-92 Black OFA24E AKC DNA #V99098 Sire: CH Valleywood Skyrocket SE045777 01-86 Yellow OFA24
Dam: Huntcrest Revelry SF297755 11-90 Black OFA26G
Dam: Black Diamonds Chevy Ivxiv SN023243/09 04-95 Black OFA25G Sire: Riverbend Bo Didle Of Surrey SF359620 08-90 Yellow OFA24G
Dam: Black Diamonds Cajun Spice SM848779/02 03-93 Chocolate

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