Puppy Visitations

We understand that local families wish to see the puppy they are getting as much as possible after they are born. However, this is not always safe for the puppies as they can not be vaccinated until 6 weeks of age. It is incredibly time consuming to prep the puppies and sanitize everything after a visit. If any animal illnesses come into the kennel it could wipe out an entire litter of puppies. We have 2 small children as well so we are often times very busy between them, the dogs, and puppies. To keep our puppies as safe and healthy as possible we will only allow 2 visitations per client, this does NOT include the day to come make your puppy pick.

Visitation rules

*We do not allow visitations until after the puppies are 6 weeks of age.
*Please do not visit other kennels, animal shelters, or petting zoo’s before coming to visit puppies.

*For the health of the new puppies please leave all other pets at home.

We are licensed and inspected by the state of Wisconsin
license number: 289509-DS

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