Meet Aero


Aero is a beautiful yellow girl. Aero has a lot of get up and go and could retrieve for hours on end. She aims to please, and does a wonderful job. She has a lot of character and has a lot of potential. She is just over 2 years old and we have had her out hunting several times, she is a very quick learner, and did a wonderful job flushing. Aero weights in at about 65lbs. Aero has 15 Field Champions in her 6 generation pedigree, a few junior and master hunters, as well as some show champions. Aero carries the famous Candlewood bloodline through her sire’s side.  Aero carries black and chocolate genes.

  • CNM Clear
  • PRA clear
  • DM Clear
  • Cysturina Clear
  • EIC Clear

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Owner: MLK

Sire: Bow Tye Garro SR057358/08 09-07 Yellow Sire: Jeb Bobo Corullo SN492564/06 10-99 Yellow OFA27G AKC DNA #V421127 Sire: FC NAFC M’D’s Cotton Pick’n Cropper SF948707 02-93 Yellow OFA42G Sire: FC AFC Candlewoods M D Houston SE430809 06-86 Yellow OFA24G Sire: FC AFC Lakeridge’s Charlemagne SD055772 03-83 Yellow OFA25
Dam: AFC Black Golds Candewood Kate SC665593 09-83 Yellow OFA39
Dam: Krugerrand’s Honey Bee SD370105 06-86 Yellow OFA37 Sire: FC AFC Krugerrand SC433334 06-80 Yellow
Dam: FC AFC Honey Of Kimbrough Woods SC200301 11-79 Yellow OFA24
Dam: Highland Heather SN176285/10 01-98 Yellow Sire: FC AFC Westwinds Bold Tiger SD569143 09-84 Black OFA26 AKC DNA #V5589000 Sire: FC AFC Trieven Thunderhead SB151286 11-74 Back
Dam: Dae’s Double Hope SC691172 01-81 Back OFA31
Dam: Raider’s Black Beauty SN016472/10 10-94 Black Sire: Chief Low Land Raider SF022781 05-91
Dam: Cayenne’s Little Pepper SF471603 05-91 Yellow
Dam: Ellie May Hegbloom SN736365/07 05/03 Yellow Sire: Big Joeys Little Hunter SN595191/01 07-00 Yellow Sire: Alec The Great II SN326510/06 10-98 Yellow Sire: Jake Meister Rickard SN092885/03 06-96 Yellow OFA27G
Dam: Brittany Sands MJP SM992566/02 06-96 Yellow OFA34G
Dam: Isabow Hunter Sire: Zeke Hobbs Fishin Mission SM970905/01 05-96 Yellow
Dam: Dagwood’s Miss Blondie SM970908/06 05-96 Yellow
Dam: Rochelle Popp SN363705/04 06-98 Yellow Sire: Maxwell McGee IV Sm931393/07 03-96 Yellow AKC DNA # V119766 Sire: Wolf River RD Rosco SF945895 04-91 Yellow
Dam: Golden Nuggets SG002084 04-91 Yellow
Dam: Sarsaparilla Sydney SN083283/12 09-95 Yellow Sire: Kolo’s Yellow Bear SM804648/01 10-93 Yellow
Dam: Princess Abbigale Bassler SF931636 10-93 Yellow
Dam: Dakota Midnight Breeze Sire: Thunderhead’s Rex SR004925/07 06-04 Chocolate AKC DNA # V325734 Sire: Dakota Magnum Thunderhead JH SN235298/05 08-96 Chocolate AKC DNA #V85355 Sire: CFC-CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force SF254302 04-92 Chocolate OFA24G Sire: FC AFC Westwinds Bold Tiger SD569143 09-84 Black OFA26 AKC DNA #V558900
Dam: A Painted Lady SE073193 06-86 Black OFA25
Dam: Rip’s Timberlake Cinnamon SM960316/07 06-95 Chocolate OFA24G Sire: FC AFC Rippin’ Blue Thunder SE037057 08-86 Black
Dam: Kodi’s Grizzly Bear Creekwood SF812864 09-92 Chocolate OFA26F
Dam: Sattler Christy May SN243015/04 04-98 Chocolate Sire: Glacial Lakes Deshka Duke SM978186/08 08-93 Chocolate Sire: Timberline’s Bold Deshka Se578405 12-89 Chocolate OFA25G
Dam: Denali’s Honor SE578404 12-89 Chocolate OFA25G
Dam: Spud Ponsett SN069601/03 07-95 Chocolate Sire: Mace’s Maverick F Balaton SF973687 09-93 Chocolate
Dam: Gilberton’s First Lady SF235132 08-89 Chocolate
Dam: Kodiak Sumo Bear SN723600/01 01-03 Chocolate Sire: Tyson Farms Black Kodiak SM765480/01 06-95 Black OFA34G Sire: CH SunnyBrook Acres Kodiak SD321049 04-84 Black OFA28 Sire: CH Shamrock Acres Schwechater G SB889762 03-77 Yellow OFA26
Dam: CH Sunnybrook Acres Black Gold SB575883 02-77 Black OFA24
Dam: Bit O’ Coco Cody SE562827 10-88 Chocolate OFA48F Sire: Mandigo’s Kodiak Bear SD294473 09-85 Chocolate OFA56
Dam: Boomer’s Coco Brandy SD286289 09-85 Chocolate
Dam: Rusty’s Dakota Katie SN106825/07 06/95 Chocolate OFA27E Sire: Swanson’s Rusty Bear SE253692 08-87 Chocolate OFA53G Sire: Grizle Bear SD318679 04-85 Chocolate
Dam: Everett’s Jessie SC821811 09-80 Black
Dam: Swanson’s Ginger Snap SM908038/05 01-94 Chocolate Sire: Nan Dool’s Blaz’n Gizz SE536706 04-87 Chocolate OFA27G
Dam: Mountain’s Top Kelly SH SE977407 06-90 Chocolate OFA57F

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